About Us

Gisha Coffee Ltd story began in 2014 and was incorporated in the same year 2014 as private limited liability company to procure, process and export ready green coffee and roasted coffee beans, back then we were local green coffee sellers with a small office in Ntinda Industrial Area, Kampala Uganda.

Our primary function is to bridge the gap between a coffee farmer and a roaster in a sustainable and traceable way at competitive prices and terms. Today we’re privileged of having a direct working relation with 3,561 coffee farmers in Western, Central and Eastern Uganda. We boost of direct export of 1,000 Tons from our farmers per annum. Each Lot can be traced to an individual farmer.

The name Gisha means NEW and is inspired by NEW- sourcing, handling and trading approach that we’re bringing in the coffee sector.

We’ve working relationship with 2 entities to deliver specialty high quality coffee; Chariots Coffee Ltd, Wild Rwenzori Coffee with operations in Rwenzori region. Our coffees are grown at an altitude of 3000 to 6000 ft above sea level.

Company Reg. No. : 186487

Vision Statement:  

  • To be the leading exporter of sustainable and traceable specialty green coffee in Uganda. 

Mission statement:  

  • To bridge the gap between a Coffee farmer and a coffee roaster in a sustainable and  traceable manner. 

Our Values  

  • We are passionate about coffee business and we strive at achieving the following values and  objectives; Quality Assurance, Accountability and Commitment, Commitment to timely  execution of our contracts and strict observance of quality, Maintenance of high level of integrity  and honesty, Entrepreneurship, Passion & Excellence. 

Management Team  

  • Managing Director/Trader: Atukunda Gerald.  
  • Finance & Accounts: Nahabwe Martin. 
  • Human Resource & Welfare: Ampurire Moreen.
  • Quality Controller: Kamigina Jorvenice.
  • Production & Procurement: Byamugisha Fred, Akwatsibwe Bosco, Asigwire Molly & Kansiime Philemon. 
  • Logistics Officer: Mwesigwa Warren.